Education Interventions

The Foundation is passionate about literacy and works towards creating conducive learning environments in the schools within its catchment areas. Since inception, we have carried out intervention projects in 71 schools where we completely renovated and, in some instances, rebuilt a total of 317 classrooms, furnishing them with over 10,603 desks and chairs. We have also built and furnished an examination hall and with our interest in cultivating STEM in children, also built and furnished a laboratory.


To foster interconnectedness between neighbouring communities and to facilitate trade amongst the people, we have built 12 major culverts and 7 bridges with far reaching advantages for the beneficiaries of our work. Our strides in afforestation have also seen us plant over 20,000 economic trees in various communities. We believe that this approach will combat deforestation, provide food, add economic value and impact positively on climate change.


Passionate about the wellbeing of the communities we reach, the Foundation organizes an average of four medical outreaches annually. To date, we have held 26 medical outreaches in which we have had 15773 patients examined by qualified doctors from various fields of medical specialization. We have executed 409 vesico-vaginal fistula surgeries, 976 cataract surgeries and 214 general surgeries. We have also distributed 2012 eyeglasses and free medication to residents of communities. We have constructed and equipped 10 community health centres and 13 clinics. With respect to the provision of portable water, we have drilled 300 boreholes, serving over 800 communities

Community Empowerment

We have established 7 rice, 3 garri and 1 groundnut processing mills. We have procured, installed and energized 88 power transformers. In capacity building, Mainstream Foundation has trained 40 individuals in catering services, 60 individuals in fisheries and poultry at the and sponsored 63 candidates to the National Power Training Institute of Nigeria (NAPTIN). We have also trained 100 beneficiaries at a Skills Upgrade & Vocational Centre where Starter packs and grants have been donated to graduates.