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Our Vision, Mission & Core Values


Healthy and educated communities, with thriving local economies and sustainable ecological landscapes that serve as a model for West Africa, with development indicators at par with world averages.


To improve the quality of life of communities around the Kainji and Jebba Lakes and Niger Basin, with a focus on health, education, community empowerment and the environment .


  • Community Engagement

    The Foundation actively seeks the ideas and active participation of the residents in the design and implementation of all initiatives.

  • Community Ownership
  • The Community members actively participate in the implementation of all initiatives and have significant control and protection over the sustainability of the interventions which ultimately improves their lives.

  • Integrity
  • All resources are managed prudently, in a transparent and accountable manner.

  • Impact and High Quality Standards
  • All interventions are world-class, transforming the lives of community members

The objective of the Foundation is to intervene in the areas of Education, Health, Environment and Community Empowerment.The Foundation is focus on reaching the less reached people in our host communities.This aim at improving the people's health and wellbeing, lifting them out of poverty through our projects and programmes and, also in creating access and opportunities to quality education.