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Electricity Intervention

The Company has embarked on numerous Corporate Social Responsibility Projects running into millions of Naira. We would continue to touch the Lives of the Communities around our Dams by our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects. Some of these projects in area of elecricity intervention include:

A few of some of our executed projects in electricity ntervention

  • 500KVA transformer donated to Kara Community
  • Construction of 15MVA/33/11KV injection substation in Dogongari/New Bussa.
  • Installation and Commissioning of 15MVA/33/11KV injection substation in Kontagora.
  • Donation of two 500 KVA and One (1No) 200 KVA Transformers at Kontagora Town – Total of three transformers.
  • Donation of 200 KVA Transformer to Nassarawa, Dogongari and Millennium Quarters in New Bussa.
  • Donation of 500 KVA Transformer to Kawo-Mashegu in Mashegu Local Govt.
  • Donation of 2.5 MVA Transformer to Mokwa Township (Injection sub-station).
  • Donation of 500 KVA Transformer to Tatabu community around Jebba Dam.
  • Donation of 500KVA transformer to Tifin Madza Community in Mokwa Town along Kainji Road.
  • Donation of 300 KVA Transformer to Tsafa village around Jebba Dam.
  • Donation of Transformer and Installation materials at Ibbi in Mashegu Local Government viz: 150mm X core armoured cable (30 meters),300mm single core armoured cable (25meters), 3No. 33kv lightening arrestors and 1No. 4ways feeder pillar.
  • Donation of 150mm Armoured cable for Transformer up riser in Town Hall area in new Bussa.
  • Donation of 300KVA Transformer for Kagowogi Community Jebba North.
  • Donation of transformer oil to different communities, including Army and Airforce Barracks in New Bussa.