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Education Intervention

The Foundation provides some selected schools within it catchment areas with learning furniture (Desk and benches, and tables and chairs for students and teachers) and it also provides support-learning materials such as branded exercise books and pencils to schools.

It also gives scholarship, which provides financial assistance to students who might be unable to pay for their education. The scholarship covers tuition, book allowance and stipends.

A few of some of our executed projects in education

  • Construction of one block of two classrooms for Mazhi community
  • Provided desks to Abarshi Girls Secondary School in Yawri Local Government Area of Kebbi State
  • Donation of 3 Laptop Computers to Federal Government Girls College, New Bussa for their 2016 prize giving day.
  • Yearly scholarship awards to 10 candidates of Niger State origin to undergo one (1) year programme at the National Power Training Institute of Nigeria (NAPTIN).
  • Rehabilitation of a block of 4 classrooms, office and a store in Shagunu community
  • Construction of e-library, supply of computers with Internet facilities and furniture at New Bussa
  • And the construction of blockwall fencing of the e-library
  • Rehabilitation of Kurwasa Primary School in Kainji
  • Rehabilitated Shagunu Secondary School in Kainji
  • Rehabilitation of Anfani primary school